hello world

the site has moved!  previously i was on godaddy, who i had no problems with, really.  when i got the domain name several years ago they were the best option with the best price.  the only problem i had with them was their constant attempts to upsell me (and my tendency to not post for long periods of time).  at the time i had delusions of my website being a money making machine and so i invest in their domain hosting using first drupal and then wordpress, both of which are excellent content management systems.  but the money never came...  so now i have moved my site to goggle domains and hosted on blogger... which is free... (not the domain, just the blogger)...  but please do click on the ads in the hopes that i may one day receive a check :)

i have big plans again, of course, Bible studies, crazy you tube videos and even some creative writing (and if you want a french bulldog let me know) and this time i have google analytics and adsense so please click on the ads (if you don't i'll know ;p )

i'm still messing with the settings and learning the blogger systems, but Lord willing i should be doing regular postings soon, so check back often, and merry christmas and happy new year!