dustin and the dragon

“I believe God has brought me here to try to help these people and I need to trust God that He will protect me as I try to do just that. If I back away from the task set before me, for whatever reason, it will reveal a lack of trust in the power of my God to accomplish great things through me.”

That quote is my favorite line from Dustin and the dragon, a young adult novel lovingly written by a man I’ve known my whole life, my father.

Dustin is a God-fearing creative problem solver who receives a request from a nearby village to help them solve their dragon problem. The resulting adventure takes them across land and sea as they seek a solution to the problem of the dragon.

12th century England: A fabulous age of knights and fair maidens, castles and kings, heroes and legends. An age when dragons still roamed the Earth, bringing destruction and death in their path.
A time, also, when a young man with a sharp and curious mind, a courageous heart, and a love for God, could step out in faith and meet the challenge of a threatening dragon. In doing so, this young man takes a journey which turns into an adventure of a lifetime that would change his destiny, honor his family, stop the destruction of a town, and provide inspiration for a kingdom.
This is the story of young Dustin Carpenter. A tale of faith and courage.

The book is self published by my father and available on the kindle and in paperback. If you enjoy the story please write a review on the Amazon page.

“Dragons and battles, mystery and danger, faith and courage, along with a little romance; this novel has it all! A terrific story of a young man in 12th century England who puts his faith in God and steps out of his familiar surroundings to face an unknown danger with determination and courage. An outstanding selection for those who enjoy the dragon fantasy genre storylines.” –Wayne Sergeant